[amor fati ☕️] goodbye :(

joining Rabbit Holes

Dear readers,

I’m excited to share an announcement today ✨

For the past 9 months, Amor Fati has been my refuge & personal mood board to collect art that has inspired or moved me in ways words can’t pinpoint. I hope it has moved you as well.

Nonetheless, holding a full-time job + other side projects, has made it difficult to keep the newsletter consistent.

That is why i’ll be winding down this newsletter and folding it into Rabbit Holes with Patricia - my Curation-as-a-Service project 🐇🔮✨

Rabbit Holes is where I share the best of what i’ve discovered in:

  • personal development & wellness

  • art & architecture

  • philosophy

  • start-ups & product management

  • productivity tools & resource guides

Only about 5% of what I read goes into my newsletters. The rest goes into my personal archive. How cool would it be to open this rabbit hole to you all? By doing so, I hope to up-level your content diet and save you time through sharing quality signal across the vast sea of content noise 🙏

If you’re interested in joining, sign-up for Rabbit Holes here.

See ya down the rabbit hole ☕️,